The concept

Almost three years ago I came up with an idea that I never put to practice, until now.
I wrote about it in Dutch on my blog and wondered if I ever would actually do it, or if someone else would. Now I’m going to try, and I hope lots of people will join me.

This is the concept:

1• Get blanc cards.
2• Be a member of the library.
3• Borrow a book and read it.
4• Take one of your cards and make a bookmark out of it that relates to the book you’ve just read. You can draw, paint, play with typography or just write, be creative!
5• Scan/Take a picture of the bookmark.
6• Put the image in a blog post here and write about what in the book inspired you for the bookmark.
7• Write the link to this blog on the back of the bookmark.
8• Put your bookmark in the library book and return it to your library.
9• Repeat steps 1-8.

Would the librarians remove the bookmark or leave it for the new reader to see? Will people appreciate the bookmark and want to keep it or will they throw it out or leave it in the book for the next person? Will they get curious enough to come to this website or will it fade into obscurity? Will I be the only one doing this or will people all over the world want to join me or start their own version of the project. Getting more bookmarks into libraries everywhere would be a lot more awesome then just the few I made in my library. Maybe someone will read a book, see the bookmark and make one of their own to put with it. I hope this project will grow and everybody who wants to can join in.

What do you think? Leave me a comment!

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2 thoughts on “The concept

  1. zoe.k. says:

    Really cool idea! Absolutely love it! Wish we could do it in Athens too… We usually buy books, judging from myself, never borrow from libraries… don’t know why. We borrow books from friends, that’s what we do, but almost never from libraries… But I dig the idea of finding a bookmark that someone else created and that he/she drew inspiration from the theme of the book. I will definitely blog about it very soon. Love it! Good work. I think I am now obsessed with the idea. Darn! :p

    • Eefje says:

      Thank you! I think it’s really awesome, but I have no clue whether other people would think so too. It’s really validating that you are enthusiastic about it too. :)

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