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The travels of a bookmark

Everytime I go back to the library to hand in a book I do a quick check on some of the books I’ve made bookmarks before to see if they’re checked out or if the bookmark has been moved.

I’m currently at a library computer, I’ve just handed in The Shack and I went to look at the first book I ever did for this project, An Abundance of Katherines, which was checked out last time I was here. And I found it without it’s bookmark.

I wonder what the person who found it thought of it, if it resonated with how they felt reading the book or if they just didn’t care at all. I wonder if removing it was a conscious desicion or if carelessness was the culprit. I hope it’s having a grand adventure :).

When I started this project I was curious as to how the people who find the bookmarks would respond to them. I haven’t heard from anyone who found one and came to this blog to let us know. That’s alright. But the fact that someone took the An Abundance of Katherines-bookmark from the book is a response. Something about the bookmark motivated them to take it. I hope it was a positive reason. What they do with it is up to them. :)

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The Shack – William Paul Young

The Shack was a short read for me, but I took a long time to gather my thoughts about it afterwards. It’s a philosophical book, in it a man who’s been through some hard times meets God. Literally. What follows is a book mostly filled with dialogue about the nature of humans and God and how they relate to each other.

The Shack - William Paul Young So even if it is a fictional story, I can’t help but think about which parts I agree with and which I don’t agree with. I don’t believe in God, but I did grow up connected to a church and therefore I’m closer to the idea of a Christian God then I am to other religions. It’s a lot easier to think about how humans relate to a God in this context for me then it is in any other. I found myself arguing with the book. In The Shack Young manages to write something in one sentence that I absolutely disagree with and something I agree with in the very next sentence. I am very glad I bought my own copy because I have never before written so much in the margins of any book. While there are some beautiful idea’s about the nature of God shown (it’s all about relationships), there are also a few fundamental ones about the nature of humanity I dislike. (Several times allusions are made that humanity as a whole is inherently broken. Which: NO.)
All in all, it’s a book that does not resemble my own thoughts, because I don’t believe in God and look at humanity from a different perspective, but it is a good book.

If you’re in any way interested in religion and the way people relate to God I would read this book. It’s well written and well paced, and can bring up all sorts of interesting discussions with other people about the subject. I don’t want to spoil the book here, so that’s why I’m not going into a lot of details.

One of the things I love about The Shack is the visual writing. The way the surroundings of the characters are described and the different versions of God that are shown. It is this that inspired me for the bookmark. The garden is lovely and wild and tended to by the lady I tried to depict.
I used a graphite pencil for a basic outline and colour pencils for the rest.

The Shack - William Paul Young
My English copy with the Dutch one from the library, called De Uitnodiging (The Invitation), and the bookmark.

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