The travels of a bookmark

Everytime I go back to the library to hand in a book I do a quick check on some of the books I’ve made bookmarks before to see if they’re checked out or if the bookmark has been moved.

I’m currently at a library computer, I’ve just handed in The Shack and I went to look at the first book I ever did for this project, An Abundance of Katherines, which was checked out last time I was here. And I found it without it’s bookmark.

I wonder what the person who found it thought of it, if it resonated with how they felt reading the book or if they just didn’t care at all. I wonder if removing it was a conscious desicion or if carelessness was the culprit. I hope it’s having a grand adventure :).

When I started this project I was curious as to how the people who find the bookmarks would respond to them. I haven’t heard from anyone who found one and came to this blog to let us know. That’s alright. But the fact that someone took the An Abundance of Katherines-bookmark from the book is a response. Something about the bookmark motivated them to take it. I hope it was a positive reason. What they do with it is up to them. :)

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