Ik ben er voor niemand – Ingmar Heytze

Let me start by saying this is one of my favorite books. To my knowledge it has not been translated into English, but I wanted to do it for I found a bookmark anyway, because I love it so.

Ik ben er voor niemand Ik ben er voor niemand (I’m here for nobody/I don’t exist for anybody) tells the story of a guy called Return to Sender. He talks about his life and the strange creatures who are a part of it, most notably a girl he names Egel (Hedgehog). Their relationship, though now over, informs a lot of his life. Other important characters are the unicorn, who sends him letters because they always seem to just miss meeting each other, the gnome who makes others feel little so that he can feel a bit taller himself and a fox who talks mostly about how to devour small animals like hedgehogs.

Ik ben er voor niemand has very loose story structure. Heytze is a poet (I also really love his poetry) who tells this story in little self contained snippets of text. All of which are easily quoted on their own as having something interesting or funny to say. Together they tell a larger story that reveals itself to the reader as you get further along in the book. It is not a large tome, but it feels good to let the individual pieces of prose linger in your mind a bit before going to the next one.

The bookmark I made refers to one of the little stories about the gnome, who I always find hilarious. In it the gnome gets stuck in the roots of a large oak tree. It is made entirely with water colour pencils, and I’m really happy about the colours.

Ik ben er voor niemand

If you can read Dutch I highly recommend reading Ik ben er voor niemand.

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3 thoughts on “Ik ben er voor niemand – Ingmar Heytze

  1. r0binetta says:

    I would almost go to the library to steal this one.. But that’s not how it goes, is it?

    • Eefje says:

      Hahaha, so if this one disappears like some of the others I might have an idea where it would have ended up. :)

      Or you could just leave it in and I’ll make you a similar bookmark, being my best friend has some perks you know. :)

      • r0binetta says:

        I don’t steal your projects. Wouldn’t do, I think. Though I am tempted, I usually just check if there still is one in the books (only if I’m in the neighbourhood)..

        By the by, can I borrow your ‘Catching Fire’? Library has many reservations and I really want to continue reading – It’s a very nice read :D

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