What’s this about?

Three things:

1• Books are important and libraries are instrumental for people to be able to read books. There is something fascinating about reading a book and knowing that someone else will read it after me, that many people will read that very same copy I am holding in my hands. What will they find in there that’s different from what I found?

2• I like making things, it’s fulfilling. I think the best way of dealing with any kind of feeling or thought is to make something with it. If everybody in this world would respond to things by being creative and not destructive the world would suck a lot less. The thing you make doesn’t have to be amazing and beautiful, it can just be normal. As long as you’ve enjoyed making it and putting something of yourself in it, it’s a good thing.

3• Now I can never hold on to bookmarks. They live somewhere in my house and they get lost in all sorts of places and I end up using an old receipt or a boring piece of paper. Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if books came with their own unique bookmarks?

This is why I started this project and this is the concept:

1• Get blanc cards.
2• Be a member of the library.
3• Borrow a book and read it.
4• Take one of your cards and make a bookmark out of it that relates to the book you’ve just read. You can draw, paint, play with typography or just write, be creative!
5• Scan/Take a picture of the bookmark.
6• Put the image in a blog post here and write about what in the book inspired you for the bookmark.
7• Write the link to this blog on the back of the bookmark.
8• Put your bookmark in the library book and return it to your library.
9• Repeat steps 1-8.

And who writes this?
Right now it’s just me!

Hi! I’m Eefje, a 28 yr old Dutch girl. In real life I’m an editorial graphic designer, which means I do newspaper lay-out. If you want to know more about me, here’s a link to my personal blog. It’s mostly in English.

I haven’t heard from Rachael in months, so as of now, I found a bookmark is still a one-lady project.

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