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Introducing Rachael!

Hello, world!

With the coming of the new year, “I Found a Bookmark” is welcoming its first ever addition to the authorship: me.

First, a brief introduction: my name is Rachael. I am currently sixteen years old and live in the city of Ann Arbor, in Michigan, USA. While I have interests that vary from film and opera to business and physics, my first love was and always has been books. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of wandering about my local library, picking out increasingly larger volumes to add to my weekly collection. Today, libraries are just as precious to me as they were so many years ago. For this reason, I have decided to hop on board the “Bookmark” project with the hope of improving the library experience for other readers in my area.

My favorite novels include specimens from the classic, fantasy, science fiction, and young adult genres, and so my additions to this blog are most likely to fall into one or more of those categories. In addition to my native English, I have studied French both formally and informally for a number of years now, so you might see a few French titles appearing now and then! Suggestions for French novels are welcomed, though it should be noted that my local library has a more limited selection than, say, an actual library in a Francophone country.

With any luck, you’ll be hearing more from me very soon. In the meantime, may your New Year be filled with worn pages and the scent of adventure!

~ Rachael

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