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The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald


I really enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby, something I was worried wouldn’t happen when I started. I know it’s a famous classic, but that does not mean it is an accessible read, especially to a non-native speaker like me. But I got used to the style quite quickly! The most surprising thing to me was how much I related to the narrator, I really liked him and trusted his point of view.

When it comes to The Great Gatsby a lot has already been written and symbols have been dissected. The library copy I read included a very long introduction which analyses the book. I had started reading it, but decided to stop because I want to read a book and not be stuck in pre-conceived notions about what is important, but rather let things jump out at me and afterwards see if they were the same things.

I had expected there to be a lot more references to the green dock light, because I had seen a vlogbrothers video in which John Green talks about the Great Gatsby and mentions it a lot. But when I was actually reading the book, I got much more attached to Gatsbys car. That is why I drew it on the bookmark, and made it be the only thing that has colour to contrast it with Gatsbys house, which does not actually feel like a house but is just a backdrop.


I had a lot of trouble with this bookmark, I’m not a car-person, so drawing one was not easy for me. I had come up with several sketches that I didn’t like, car- or house-wise. But in the end I found a couple of reference photos of 20’s cars online that gave me an idea of what should go where as far as the car was concerned. I hope you like the result.

The scan of the bookmark looks different than the other bookmarks, because I can’t get my scanner to work on my new computer, so I scanned it at work. The bookmark is winsor & newton ink with a bit of watercolour.

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Something new

When I launched this site I posted about it on the forum of the Nerdfighters Ning, a place where fans of the vlogbrothers gather to be awesome together. Because it is in the nature of Nerdfighters to get excited and do stuff I thought some of them would like I found a bookmark. (And it worked, Rachael joined the project thanks to that forumpost.)

Something new is happening there right now. I had thought that the post had dropped to far on the forum to get many replies, since that is the nature of most forum posts. But I was wrong (yay!). Someone ( MoonMuffin ) from Saudi Arabia responded and asked whether it would be cool to do something similar in bookstores since there are no libraries where she lives.

How awesome is that? You go to a bookstore and buy a book, and as a surprise you get a handmade bookmark related to the book to go with it! Just because someone was kind enough to make one for you.
She started a new thread on the forum for leaving bookmarks in bookstore-books, hopefully it’ll be a hub for people liking the idea and trying it out for themselves.

I just love how people can come across an idea and make it their own. Ideas growing like that is how they stay alive. Every new version of a concept is an exiting new thing that can inspire the next person.


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